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Advantages of Using America's Most Trusted Solar Marketplace

By Johanna Poole | 05 June 2017
Many people stumble upon Pick My Solar from a news article, a blog, a link while researching. But why would a homeowner use a service like Pick My[..]
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Installing Solar in Nepal

By Johanna Poole | 18 May 2017

Working in the energy sector in America can be fast paced. It is primarily focused on reducing a homeowners energy bills. Cost is king. My days are[..]

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6 Reasons You Should Buy Solar Panels

By Johanna Poole | 05 May 2017
There is a lot of buzz around home solar these days. There are a lot of messages pushed to homeowners about their options. I’d like to focus on the[..]
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Production vs. Performance Guarantees

By Johanna Poole | 13 April 2017

Uncertainties are a given when making a big ticket purchase that lasts 30 plus years.  Whether that is a home, a vehicle, or financial investments. How[..]

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Clean Drinking Water For All: Interview with DIGDEEP

By Johanna Poole | 29 March 2017

Pick My Solar is proud to be headquartered in the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator in the Arts District of downtown of Los Angeles.  In this[..]

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Affordable Solar Loan Providers

By Johanna Poole | 28 March 2017

The first homes to install modern photovoltaics were in the 1960s.  These early adopters were pioneers in alternative home energy.  They took a risk[..]

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4 Reasons To Use a Solar Marketplace When You Go Solar

By Johanna Poole | 13 March 2017

If you’re a homeowner, chances are you’ve been approached by a solar company.  Whether it was someone at your door, a salesperson in a home improvement[..]

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How To Choose The Best Solar Panels in 2017

By Johanna Poole | 24 February 2017

Solar panels last a very long time and technology is always improving.  How do you decide which panel is the right fit for you?  Should you pay more[..]

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Micro Inverter vs. String Inverter - Which is Right For Your System?

By Johanna Poole | 14 February 2017

A common question you may have when researching solar for your home is which type of inverter is best for your specific solar system.  There are many[..]

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Everything You Need To Know About Solar Panel Maintenance

By Johanna Poole | 08 February 2017

So, you’ve installed your solar panels and they are now producing clean, low-cost energy for your home.  How do you maintain your solar panels to[..]

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