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Kyle Cherrick

Kyle Cherrick is a 10-year solar industry veteran with experience in both start-ups and industry leaders including First Solar, SunEdison, and Chint Power Systems. He leads business development for Pick My Solar including industry partnerships, growth strategies, and strategic marketing.
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Solar Tariffs Are Here: The Sky Is NOT Falling, but the Sunshine Still Does

By Kyle Cherrick | 24 January 2018

The wait is over. Almost one year after the original trade case petition was filed, following months of hearings, negotiations, and a final recommendation[..]

Energy In-Depth: An Interview with sonnenBatterie

By Kyle Cherrick | 04 April 2017

As Pick My Solar expands its online solar marketplace to include more consumer technologies such as home energy storage, EV charging and more, we are[..]

Solar Loans - Good Debt or Bad Debt?

By Kyle Cherrick | 01 March 2017

So you’re thinking about adding solar to your home. Awesome!  One of the key questions that solar shoppers soon run into is how to finance their solar[..]

Green Building: Interview with Verdical Group

By Kyle Cherrick | 03 February 2017

Pick My Solar is proud to be headquartered in the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator in the Arts District of downtown of Los Angeles.  The facility is filled[..]

Clean Air at Home: Interview with Moms Clean Air Force

By Kyle Cherrick | 08 December 2016

Pick My Solar joins with nonprofits across the nation committed to cleaning up our air, our energy grid, and our communities.  Here on the blog we are[..]

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