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Pick My Solar Joins LA Mayor Eric Garcetti and LA Cleantech Incubator on International Trade Mission

By Kyle Graycar | 10 August 2018

As part of Los Angeles' mission to construct a new, green economy, Pick My Solar Co-Founders Max Aram and Chris Blevins joined Mayor Eric Garcetti and the

SolarCoin, an Energy Cyptocoin with a Bright Future

By Kyle Graycar | 30 January 2018

Everyone can admit that 2017 was a wild year for cryptocurrencies. Sure, Bitcoin popularity skyrocketted, but so did many altcoins as well, such as[..]

How Blockchain And Solar Can Work Together

By Kyle Graycar | 23 January 2018

Many would consider 2017 to be the year of cryptocurrency. Coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and dozens of others have shot up 1,000%+ and do not seem[..]

EV Charging Everywhere: An Interview with Heather Hochrein, EVmatch CEO

By Kyle Graycar | 19 December 2017

We sat down with Heather Hochrein, CEO and co-founder of EVmatch, to learn more about her Santa Barbara company and the opportunity of EV charging[..]

Pick My Solar Showcases at The New York Times' Inaugural ClimateTECH Summit

By Kyle Graycar | 19 December 2017

On November 29, the Pick My Solar team journeyed north to San Francisco for The New York Times' inaugural ClimateTECH conference, an exciting forum that[..]

5 Things to Know About Going Solar in ConEdison New York

By Kyle Graycar | 18 December 2017

So, you’re a ConEdison customer in New York and looking into solar. Rest easy - you’re located in one of the most solar-friendly areas in the country! At[..]

How to Calculate the ROI of Solar Panels

By Kyle Graycar | 26 October 2017

Over the past decade, solar panels have risen in popularity at an increasing rate. Odds are, if you drive through any suburban town, you’d see at least a[..]

Go Solar Now to Claim the Solar Investment Tax Credit in 2017

By Kyle Graycar | 19 October 2017

There’s no doubt that going solar is an incredible investment to make, and it’s never been easier than it is today. On top of the fact that it helps[..]

The Unanswered Questions Surrounding the New Tesla Solar Roof

By Kyle Graycar | 22 May 2017

Early this month Elon Musk and the Tesla Solar program released the heavily-anticipated solar roof. The release of the solar roof also prompted a complete[..]

Will “Plug-and-Play” Technology Revolutionize Home Battery Backup?

By Kyle Graycar | 11 May 2017

In sunny San Diego, there’s a hot startup developing some intriguing new solar battery backup technology. Imagine, instead of one large, centralized[..]

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