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Sam Baker

Sam is a Project Manager at Pick My Solar and a solar energy enthusiast.

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Everything You Need to Know About Solar Carports

By Sam Baker | 07 May 2018

The increasing adoption rate of solar technology has led to both surprising innovations as well as obvious and practical applications. One such[..]

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A History of Con Edison's Electricity Rates

By Sam Baker | 27 April 2018

It is no secret that the cost of electricity has been going up recently and is set to increase further in the future. All throughout the country,[..]

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How to Conduct Due Diligence on Your Solar Project

By Sam Baker | 24 April 2018

Once you’ve decided to install a solar panel system at your home, the next thing to focus on is conducting the proper due diligence on your solar[..]

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How Home Batteries Help In Storms

By Sam Baker | 18 April 2018

There are several factors that influence a solar panel owner’s decision to include a home battery in their system, but one of the primary reasons has[..]

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How Many Batteries Do I Need For Solar?

By Sam Baker | 16 April 2018

An important thing to consider when installing a solar panel system is whether or not you want to add batteries for energy storage capabilities.

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What are the greenest solar panels?

By Sam Baker | 09 April 2018

“Green” is a word that has been used for decades to describe environmentally friendly practices, products, services, and more.

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A Complete Review of the NEW SolarEdge EV Charging Single Phase Inverter

By Sam Baker | 06 April 2018

For electric vehicle (EV) owners, having convenient access to a charging station is as important as a normal driver having access to a gas station.

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What is Net Energy Metering for Solar?

By Sam Baker | 05 April 2018

Net energy metering (NEM) is a system that allows solar panel owners to store their solar energy in an existing electrical grid.

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What's the size of a solar panel? Solar Panel Size and Weight Comparison in 2018

By Sam Baker | 02 April 2018

If you are thinking about installing a solar panel system at your home, one of the first things you must consider is how much physical space your[..]

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Con Edison’s Megawatt Block Incentive is Lowering Soon

By Sam Baker | 27 March 2018

Since 2014, Con Edison has given its customers in New York access to NY-Sun’s Megawatt Block Incentive, which gives solar panel owners a rebate based[..]

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