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Going Solar in Washington State is a No-Brainer

By Teddy Kahn | 27 July 2017

UPDATE: For our latest article on Washington incentives, please visit here.

Amidst newly announced incentive programs, solar in Washington is hot right[..]

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What Does the Future Look Like For Renewables?

By Teddy Kahn | 11 July 2017


The future of energy is a highly debated subject. One thing hard to deny is the inevitable demise of fossil fuels. Political, economic and social[..]

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With Potential Solar Prices Increasing, Trump is Accelerating the Adoption of Solar

By Teddy Kahn | 27 June 2017

At a glance:

  • Suniva, a U.S. based solar panel manufacturer, filed a product dumping complaint with the International Trade Commision in April 2017.
  • [..]
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It's Time to Consider Going Solar in Washington D.C.

By Teddy Kahn | 14 June 2017

DC has become one of the most attractive areas to go solar. Here’s why: Washington DC has experienced a sustained SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Credit)[..]

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Your Complete Guide to the Solar Investment Tax Credit

By Teddy Kahn | 08 June 2017

Solar energy offers a reliable source of power without the negative environmental and health effects produced by traditional energy sources – such as[..]

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