Full Review of Sistine Solar Skins - MIT Startup Makes Solar (Even More) Beautiful

By Siena Hacker
April 10, 2018
Sistine Solar Skins Review

We at Pick My Solar already think solar panels are pretty beautiful - their cost savings and sustainability alone make them gorgeous in our eyes.

However, The Department of Energy estimates that there are 13 million homes across the country that shy away from adopting solar because they don’t like the look of panels.

New technology from Sistine Solar hopes to combat this problem with custom solar panels designed to match any underlying rooftop. The startup, which was founded at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, hopes their camouflaging SolarSkins designs will show homeowners that solar panels don’t have to be "ugly."

What are Solar Skins?

Sistine Solar utilizes patent-pending technology to integrate high-fidelity custom designs into panels. The company claims that the SolarSkin graphics have only minimal losses in panel efficiency due to advancements in selective light filtration.

This technology, which can be compared to ad wraps on bus windows, allows light to filter through the SolarSkin to the photovoltaic cells beneath while still displaying a custom image.

Do Solar Skins reduce the efficiency of my solar panels?

Though there might be some loss of efficiency due to the skin, solar system designers will ensure that your panel configuration will meet your electricity needs regardless.

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Better yet, Sistine Solar also promises to “proactively monitor your system performance at an individual panel level, alert you in the event of any system issues or outages, and prescribe the right remedies.” You can even monitor your panels’ generation 24/7 on your phone.

Which panel brands are available with Sistine Skins?

The Sistine Solar design shop only sells panels that have met the highest standards of performance and reliability, including LG, Solaria, Canadian Solar, Samsung, and Hanwha.

They also offer the Sistine Peace of Mind Warranty, which guarantees 25 years of power production. No matter the problem you might have, whether it be a performance issue or a faulty inverter, Sistine Solar promises that they’ll work with the installer so that you don’t have to pay.

How much do Solar Skins cost?

Though Sistine Solar’s panels add about ten percent to the total cost of a solar system, this is a small price to pay for people who find panels to be an eyesore but still want the financial and environmental benefits.

SolarSkins may be the perfect solution for homeowners whose homeowners associations (HOAs) prohibit them from installing traditional solar systems in states that don’t have solar access laws. HOAs often resist solar systems because they stick out, but SolarSkins offer a viable and beautiful solution.

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Little Known Facts About Sistine Solar

Sistine Solar uses color corrective algorithmic technology “that combines elements from color theory, cognitive sciences, and human visual perception.” The company even found an award-winning, Italian-trained mosaic designer, Samantha Holmes, who has focused on aesthetic and conceptual experimentation. They also use rail-less racking systems to connect panels to the roof because they sit lower and hide the metal components. In addition to rail-less racking, front skirts give the entire system a sleek finish and boost curb appeal. If panel aesthetics have been stopping you from going solar, Sistine Solar has the solution!

Want to learn more about SolarSkins, high efficiency panels, or front skirts? Reach out to one of our energy experts and subscribe to our blog to stay updated on solar industry trends and technological advancements!

Siena Hacker

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Siena Hacker

Siena is a rising senior at Scripps College pursuing an interdisciplinary major in Environmental Science, Economics, and Politics. She is passionate about the worlds of renewable energy and urban planning. When she's out of the office, you can be sure to find Siena hiking somewhere in LA County.

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