How I Found Top Solar Providers Near Me

By Guest Contributor
November 15, 2017
Solar Providers Near Me

The following post is a testimonial from a user of Pick My Solar's Solar Savings Calculator.

I never thought I would be someone to search for solar providers near me, ever.

10 years ago, I didn’t even know how solar worked or if it was a good investment to make. For many in the past decade, the idea of going solar was an idealistic thought, but one never based in reality.

Well, times have changed, and so has access to going solar. As of recently, I have seen the push for more people to make the switch, and with the benefits and incentives that come with going solar, I figured it was finally time to do my research.

When I searched on Google to learn more about going solar, I found Pick My Solar, which had the option right on their website to find solar providers near me within their own search engine. I wanted to share my experience of how easy it was for me. 

Right when I visited on their page, it was clear that they had one goal and that was to get me to answers as soon as possible. I entered my information and hit search, and was looking forward to seeing all the available solar providers pop up. Surprisingly, what I got was far more than that list.

Your Property is Solar Friendly.png

How cool is this? Pick My Solar didn’t just list out a bunch of solar providers and leave me hanging; they gave me custom metrics related to my property to help me figure out if going solar was the right decision. They even calculated how much I could be spending on electricity over the next year, which really put things in perspective for me.

As I scrolled down, it showed me my potential solar impact.

Your Solar Impact at a Glance.png

Obviously, this changes with the size of one’s monthly bill, but knowing what system size I needed and how much I could be saving is actionable information. In addition, collecting this information means they are helping me find a custom solar provider near me that fits my specific needs. A solar provider who helps a mansion go solar might look different from a solar provider who helps townhomes.

Before I get my list of curated solar providers near me, Pick My Solar tells me my financing options, so I am educated on what I need and why.

Financing Options.png

The next step was to signup with Pick My Solar for detailed estimates from solar providers on their network. After creating an account, I was taken to the page where I could schedule a time to talk to a solar specialist and have them handpick the top 3 solar providers near me.

To be frank, this process rocks. One of the biggest challenges with going solar is the fact that there is a lot to learn and not a good place where all the information exists in one place. If I were to do my own research and contact solar providers on my own, I wouldn’t know what to say or what my needs were. Just because I want to go solar doesn’t mean I’ve done all my homework yet. I’m sure many people are in this position and eventually get taken advantage of by solar providers.

Pick My Solar takes this challenge that many people deal with and provides the education needed to make a decision on if going solar is right for them. Now, I’m hooked on Pick My Solar and am looking forward to learning more about going solar as time goes on. Thanks to them, I have professionals that are able to help me find solar providers near me whenever I want.

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