Mass Solar Connect: Compare Solar Companies in Massachusetts

By Siena Hacker
August 02, 2017
Mass Solar Connect

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) has teamed up with Pick My Solar and local nonprofits Self Reliance and the Marion Institute to officially launch Mass Solar Connect. The program leverages Pick My Solar’s independent online marketplace to offer competitive solar pricing from vetted installers to Commonwealth residents. Mass Solar Connect is one more way the state is committing to fighting climate change and doing its part to promote solar.

The Commonwealth already has some of the best incentives to go solar in the country, but the Department of Energy Resources and MassCEC are now making solar even more affordable for South Coast homeowners. Pick My Solar’s marketplace generates multiple competitive bids to go solar, while their dedicated solar experts will walk residents through the process free of charge. Through community outreach education initiatives by the Marion Institute and Self-Reliance, Mass Solar Connect hopes to educate homeowners so that they can find a system that works best for their needs.

“By partnering with Pick My Solar, Self-Reliance and the Marion Institute on this program, we are able to drive down the cost of installation and increase the adoption of clean energy in the Commonwealth,” said MassCEC CEO Stephen Pike. “By forming meaningful partnerships with Massachusetts' nonprofit groups and businesses we can make solar energy more accessible for our residents while expanding the state’s clean energy portfolio.”

The collaboration came naturally to Megan Amsler, Executive Director of Self Reliance, a fuel co-op that helps educates the Cape and Islands community on energy efficiency. Amsler is “excited to be partnering with Pick My Solar to help more people in Southeastern Massachusetts make informed decisions before they take action to have solar installed.” She’s also excited to see just how much homeowners can save by taking advantage of the program’s discount pricing and by using Pick My Solar’s simplified marketplace.

Homeowners can easily compare bids for their project online, where only the Pick My Solar team and the installer selected by the homeowner will ever learn the homeowner’s address and personal information. “Pick My Solar vets each contractor and provides hassle-free buying, one-on-one consultation, and confidentiality. The competition created through receiving 6-12 bids per project all while eliminating home visits and cutting out sales commissions results in system prices averaging 20 percent below market rates” explains CEO Max Aram.

Mass Solar Connect is now live and the public sign-up period is open until October 31st, 2017. Pick My Solar, Self-Reliance, and the Marion Institute are already helping enthusiastic homeowners looking to go solar sign up. The first 30 program participants can take advantage of the kick-starter special: $500 or $250 and a nest after installation.

About Pick My Solar:

Pick My Solar is a free independent, online marketplace where homeowners looking to go solar can compare multiple competitive bids from vetted installers with the help of a dedicated solar expert. They empower communities to adopt sustainable technologies through transparency to enable a better quality of life for all people. Pick My Solar is the recipient of numerous awards, including two U.S. Department of Energy Sunshot Catalyst awards and the 2015 Tech Week National Startup of the Year.

About Self Reliance:

SelfReliance’s mission is to simplify complex energy concepts to educate, inspire, and empower people to take action. The organization encourages community members to become more energy efficient, save money, and reduce their dependence on fossil fuels. In addition to educational programs and a fuel and heating coop, Self-Reliance also offers continuing education programs.

About Marion Institute:

Located in the Southcoast, the Marion Institute strives to effect change both in their community and globally. As an incubator of innovative models for social change, the Marion Institute turns great ideas into action. The Marion Institute has made it a priority to create a better quality of life for their neighbors by fostering community and introducing sustainability steps, particularly in the historic city of New Bedford, quickly becoming one of the greenest cities in America.”

About MassCEC:

The Massachusetts Clean Energy (MassCEC) supports the advancement of clean energy projects, technologies, and companies in the state - while creating long-term economic growth and high-quality jobs for Commonwealth residents. MassCEC has made it their priority to encourage the growth the Commonwealth’s adoption of renewable energy, while driving down costs for ratepayers.

Siena Hacker

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Siena Hacker

Siena is a rising senior at Scripps College pursuing an interdisciplinary major in Environmental Science, Economics, and Politics. She is passionate about the worlds of renewable energy and urban planning. When she's out of the office, you can be sure to find Siena hiking somewhere in LA County.

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