Mayor Garcetti and LADWP Launch New Attic Insulation Incentive

By Stephanie Hauschildt
August 29, 2018
Mayor Garcetti Announces LADWP New Attic Insulation Incentive

There's no question that Los Angeles is heating up. Increasingly frequent heat waves, wildfires, and power outages throughout the greater Los Angeles area have put excess pressure on LA’s power grid.

This past week, The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and Mayor Eric Garcetti announced a 5-year Attic Insulation Rebate Program, which aims to relieve electricity demand on the grid, reduce greenhouse emissions, and save Angelenos money.

This $100 million incentive program is a part of Garcetti’s ongoing Save Energy LA campaign, launched in 2016 to conserve electricity, reduce energy bills, and protect the environment.

How much is DWP's Attic Insulation Incentive rebate?

For homeowners who participate, this program will provide a rebate of 80% of the cost of the installation or $1 per square foot of insulation installed, whichever value is less.

How does attic insulation make me energy efficient?

Houses in Los Angeles built before 1980 most likely do not have any insulation in the attic space. If your house does not have attic insulation, you are probably paying too much by inefficiently heating and cooling your home.

Installing insulation in your attic may seem like a hefty expense, but it will make air conditioning and heating more efficient and reduce your utility bills. The incentive is expected to save Los Angeles residents 15-30% or $200-374 on their heating and cooling expenses annually.

Here's what a home without insulation looks like in the winter:

Winter heat loss from inadequate insulation

In the winter, 25% to 35% of a home's heat loss can be due to an attic that lacks insulation. This is the most significant source of heat loss compared to walls, windows, and the floor.

Here's what a home without insulation looks like in the summer:

Summer heat gain from inadequate home insulation

In the summer, 25% to 35% of a home's heat gain can be due to an attic that lacks insulation. This is tied for the most significant source of heat gain with windows that let in heat from sunlight.

The temperature in houses without insulation can fluctuate 5 to 10 degrees, making your heating and cooling systems work harder than they need to. Insulation, especially in your attic, will allow air conditioning to be spread more evenly throughout your home, keeping your home environment cooler longer. In the winter, insulation will keep the cold air out, and trap the heat in.

How to Be Eligible for the Attic Insulation Incentive

To be eligible for this rebate, you must:

  1. Be an LADWP customer (naturally)
  2. Be a single family homeowner or duplex owner
  3. Purchase and install one of the following types of insulation:
    • Blanket (batts and rolls)
    • Loose-fill, blown-in
    • Attic-applied foam board or rigid foam
    • Sprayed foam
    • Foamed-in-place insulation
  4. Your insulation material must have a minimum thermal resistance or R-value of R-30.
  5. The insulation must be installed in a previously constructed and lived-in building. For example, detached garages are not eligible.

To apply, you must provide before and after pictures of your attic, and details on the insulation material used.

Visit LADWP's Attic Insulation Incentive program webpage for the latest news and updates on the eligibility requirements and process.

Toys in the Attic: Insulation and Solar Power

What's a solar company doing writing about attic insulation? These two projects have more to do with each other than you might think:

  • Attic insulation will reduce your electricity consumption, thereby reducing the number of solar panels you would need when you decide to go solar.
  • While you're working on your attic insulation project, you may be considering getting a re-roof on your home as well. Be sure to consult your tax advisor, but if you were to go solar in the same year as you conduct your re-roof you can claim the 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit on the portion of the roof that is covered by solar panels.

Utility incentives can seem complicated (that's why we have dedicated Energy Advisors to assist you), but there are some great incentives for you to take advantage in the Los Angeles area. This also includes LADWP's Solar Incentive Program, a $0.25/watt rebate on your home solar project.

When going solar, be sure to get multiple offers on your home. Platform's like Pick My Solar's bidding marketplace can help you do this free and online. Check us out and snag those rebates!

Cover image source (LADWP / Twitter)

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