Pick My Solar's Top Solar Education Resources

By Siena Hacker
16 August 2017
Solar Educational Resources

At Pick My Solar, we’re familiar with how overwhelming going solar seems when you’re first getting started. Between pushy sales techniques and financing methods designed to maximize company profits, homeowners are rightfully wary of the process. With so much competing information available online, it’s often difficult to know who to trust when it comes to system size, equipment modules, and the other intricacies of solar.Solar Educational Resources

Those of us at Pick My Solar pride ourselves on being an independent marketplace that is first and foremost an advocate for homeowners in the solar process. We want to make sure that you possess the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision, no matter what you choose.  That’s why we’ve created a few great resources to teach you almost everything we know about solar. By the way, they’re all free!

Is your home solar friendly?

Ebook: Solar Starter Guide

Our Solar Starter Guide Ebook contains all the knowledge you need to begin the solar process. This guide covers the core essentials to address your basic questions about going so

lar. For example, some of the topics we’ve included are:

  • Net Energy Metering
  • Financing Options (PPA, Lease, Loan, Cash Purchase)
  • How Solar Works
  • The Pick My Solar Process
  • Installation and Maintenance

Simply enter your address on this page and we’ll send you a PDF of the EBook for you to read on your computer or print out and enjoy.

Solar Starter Guide


SolarBook is an entire collection of videos we made with funding from the Department of Energy’s Sunshot Catalyst Program. If you’ve already gone through our Ebook and find yourself still craving more knowledge, head over to the SolarBook website. These in depth videos cover a wide range of topics, including system design, installation, and logistics. We’ve also made sure to include videos on home battery systems and post-solar installation operation so you know what to expect once you’re system is up and running. We’ve distilled the most crucial elements of each topic into quick and engaging videos that will make learning about the solar process a breeze.

Pick My Solar SolarBook

The Solar Current

Our blog, The Solar Current, features articles on both recent events and classic solar questions. All Pick My Solar team members are invited to write blog posts, which means that you’ll receive a variety of nuanced perspectives from many unique viewpoints in our office - everyone from our co-founder, Chris, to our Operations Manager, Gordon. We cover current events so that you can stay up to date on the most important developments in the solar industry. The blog also features interviews with our partners and analyses of state incentives, among other great pieces.

Solar Current

Our Ebook: Solar Starter Guide, SolarBook, and the Solar Current are all easily accessible in the Resources tab of our website. Check them out today to become a solar expert! If these resources don’t answer all of your questions, shoot us a message and we’ll dig in and research the topic. We’re proud solar nerds, if you haven’t noticed.

View our 2018 Solar Starter Guide


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