Team Member Highlight: Madeline Merritt on Solar Transparency

By Hannah Glenn
August 01, 2018
Madeline Merritt Pick My Solar

Madeline’s Position: Energy Advisor

Fun Facts: Madeline is "a bit of a policy wonk.” You might catch her at city hall advocating for the environment on her days off. She has a heart for nature and loves hiking, camping, and sitting around a campfire.

Madeline says to someone who is thinking about going solar: “You don’t want to be the person I talk to in two years realizing that you spent $4,000 on 'rent' to the utility, when you could have your own system producing electricity for way less – all while being a great asset to your property. Don’t wait!”

Solar Design Accuracy + Keeping Up 5-star Service

Madeline advises people all over the country on the best decisions for solar in their specific region. Her summation of her daily work is clear and endearing.

“I get to sit on the same side of the table as our customers and help them navigate their choices. I really love my position because I educate people on all the aspects of making a smart solar purchase and help them understand how solar works. I want people to be empowered to make the best choice for them.”

Her straightforward and easy-to-grasp quality is reflected in what she values and where she hopes to see the solar industry go.

She started her career at another large solar company. Their hard-sell approach was out of sync with Madeline’s moral compass. She wanted to educate people and help them understand their options. Acting as a guide for customers and what they needed was paramount to selling whatever equipment would look best on her sales sheet at the end of the month.

A friend recommended Pick My Solar, where she found a company that shared her values.

“It was a much better fit for me. I get to be an advocate for solar, but I also keep my customers' best interests at the forefront of my mind – giving them multiple options on equipment and installers at a competitive price point.”

Here's Madeline on Pick My Solar LIVE discussing the important factors to consider when comparing solar panels with Justin. 

Madeline Believes in Transparency for the Solar Industry

Madeline finds the most difficult part of the solar industry is that some companies don’t act with full transparency.

“That [lack of transparency] has lead to lack of trust and affects the whole solar industry.”

She sees Pick My Solar as part of the change restoring trust and challenging installers treat their customers with honesty and great service – from solar project start to finish and for years beyond.

Madeline’s Favorite Trend in the Solar Industry

She notes that people rely more on manufacturer warranties, which are increasingly secure as brands stabilize and become more bankable. At the same time, their pricing is more affordable than it was in the past.

“I think companies will continue to compete through their warranties and protections on the systems at the manufacturer level. Multiple layers of protection are great for peace of mind for such a long-term product.”

Madeline’s Daily Inspiration

When asked what gets her most excited on the way to the office, she doesn’t hesitate in her answer.

“My customers. I love helping people. I love helping them find trust in the process and this fantastic solution. Also, the innovation in our marketplace is making the customer experience even better. I’m very excited to continue having a better and better user experience for all of them.”

If you’d like to get to know a few more Pick My Solar team members, check out these interviews with Mark and Patrick.

Hannah Glenn

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Hannah Glenn

Hannah Glenn is a writer specializing in renewable energy and healthcare. When not 10 inches from a computer screen, Hannah loves hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains and reading National Geographic.

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