The Real Price of Free Solar

By Sam Baker
July 16, 2015

"For now, the noise around solar is tolerable. But if the industry does not police itself better and make sure the search for profit is balanced with satisfied customers, it may find itself with a lot of new enemies. Promoting “free solar” could be the same as giving free ammunition for the big, loud guns of the ever-dangerous foes of PV."

Great analysis from William Hirshman on the current state of the residential solar lease market. A must read if you are considering leasing a solar PV system. Remember, if you can take advantage of the federal solar investment tax credit, purchase the system with cash or one of the many financing options available. Beware of any quote offering "free" panels. Pick My Solar will compare your existing quotes against our installer network to make sure you're not getting a bad deal.

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Sam Baker

Written By

Sam Baker

Sam is a Project Manager at Pick My Solar and a solar energy enthusiast.

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