Top 5 Solar Panels Selected Through Pick My Solar in 2017

By Hannah Glenn
02 March 2018
Top 5 solar panels on solar marketplace

Curious which solar panels are selected most on the Pick My Solar platform? As an online marketplace connecting quality solar companies to customers, we stay neutral toward manufacturers and installers. 

Still, we thought you might like to know which brands most people tend to choose! Here are the top five solar panels on the Pick My Solar platform in 2017:

 2017 top solar panel brands on pick my solar

1. Number One Solar Panel Pick – Hanwha Solar Panels

Hanwha was the number one solar panel selected on Pick My Solar. With efficiency ranging between 15.9 percent and 19.5 percent, Hanwha solar panels range from average to high efficiency.

They have a better temperature coefficient than most solar panels on the market. That means they continue functioning well (and for longer) under high temperatures.

Hanwha offers a 12-year warranty in case your panels stop working due to manufacturing or environmental issues. While a small number of solar panel companies offer 25-year warranties, Hanwha is still in the 50th percentile with its guarantee.

Most importantly, they’re one of the most cost-competitive solar panels on the market today. Considering the efficiency rating and better-than-average warranty, it’s no wonder Hanwha is a favorite.

2. Number Two Solar Panel Pick – Hyundai Solar Panels

The second-most selected solar panels were from Hyundai. These solar panels dip slightly lower on the efficiency scale. Their efficiency ranges from slightly less-than-average to about average at 14.2 percent to 18.0 percent.

Efficiency isn’t everything, especially if you have enough space on your roof for a few more panels. With Hyundai’s efficiency and lower price point, their economy models are a great deal for the money.

The temperature coefficient isn’t quite as low as Hanwha, but it's still within the standard range for the industry. Hyundai offers between 5-year and 10-year warranties. Hyundai’s low price makes it more competitive than some other brands.

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3. Number Three Solar Panel Pick – LG

The third-most selected solar panels are from LG, one of the biggest electronics companies in the world. In 2017 their solar panel efficiency ranges were between 16.9 percent and 19.5 percent.

They now have even higher-efficiency panels available, though most homes don’t necessarily need the most efficient panels. LG’s temperature coefficient falls somewhere between Hanwha and Hyundai. The 12-year warranty is, like Hanwha, slightly better than average.

4. Number Four Solar Panel Pick - SunPower

Another leader in solar panel efficiency, SunPower is neck and neck with LG and Panasonic. SunPower panels are about the same as Panasonic in temperature coefficient.

SunPower also offers a 25-year warranty. These highly efficient and high-performance solar panels are top tier and tend to be pricer.

Some extra investment might be worth it to you, considering the solid warranty and high scores in engineering. But again, if you’re hoping to keep costs low (and savings high), buying average or lower efficiency panels could be an alternative for you.

5. Number Five Solar Panel Pick – Panasonic

A leader in solar panel efficiency and temperature coefficient, Panasonic is driving innovation. Their panels range in efficiency between 19.1 percent and 19.7 percent.

They also offer a better-than-average 25-year warranty for these highly efficient models. Of course, Panasonic panels will cost more than average, too. But if you don’t have a lot of space on your roof, fewer high-efficiency panels might be exactly what you need.

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