When Solar Companies Compete For Your Project, You Win!

By Michael Olenick
March 22, 2017

In the early years of the solar industry, the way homeowners were being sold was extremely unacceptable, and in some cases offensive. Salespeople going door to door, aggressively pushing solar, and then heading back to the office to be equally aggressive on the phone – SolarCity’s brutal telemarketing strategy is a perfect example. We also can’t forget about the industry wide upselling of unnecessary expensive equipment so salespeople can jack up their commissions.

The Online Solar Marketplace

It was from these unacceptable practices that Pick My Solar was born. We were tired of seeing the stigma of bad solar installers ruin the value of affordable, clean energy. Our goal was to remove all the aggressive sales tactics from the solar industry and to make going solar as hassle-free as possible – and we have.

Our number one goal at Pick My Solar is to provide you with the best customer service and highest customer satisfaction in the industry. We have achieved this by creating the most user-friendly solar marketplace in the country. Solar installers use our platform to compete for your bids. This ensures that your Pick My Solar expert will get you the highest quality equipment at the greatest value possible. So how does it work? 

Go Solar in These 9 Simple Steps

  1. Submit the most basic of information (address and phone number)
  2. Meet your very own solar expert via initial phone call
  3. Our engineers design your solar panel system remotely
  4. We then collect bids on your behalf from top local installers (up to 15 solar bids)
  5. Your solar expert then does an extremely comprehensive analysis and sends you your top 3 bids.
  6. You work with your expert to choose the solar bid that is best for you and your home.
  7. Sign the Pick My Solar provided contract (we use our own instead of the installer to ensure our homeowners are totally protected).
  8. Meet your solar system installer (this is the first in-person interaction with your installer)
  9. Your solar expert stays in touch with you months after installation to ensure you are happy with the system and the solar energy it is producing.

Our solar experts and engineers are available whenever you need us. We strive to be the absolute best homeowner advocate and through are online solar marketplace we are succeeding! Just like LendingTree for mortgages, at Pick My Solar, when solar companies compete for your solar project, you win!  

Our Free Solar Starter Guide

While your friends at Pick My Solar will walk you through the entire solar process, we still want you to be as educated as possible before you purchase your solar energy system. That is why we want to give you our Free Solar Guide. This guide will teach you:

  • How solar energy works
  • Important solar terminology
  • Solar financing options
  • The components of a solar energy system
  • How solar pricing works
  • The factors that make up your solar system cost
  • And more!

We encourage you to call (888) 454-9979 to speak to one of our friendly experts about getting started. The free Solar Starter Guide is also available below for you to download. Keep Shining 😊.


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Michael Olenick

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Michael Olenick

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What's Pick My Solar? We empower our customers to adopt clean energy through transparency and choice. Our free, no-obligation platform provides competing solutions from top providers.

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