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Carbon Fee and Dividend with Davia Rivka

By Hannah Glenn | 17 July 2018

The cost of carbon-based fossil fuels is on an incline. Anyone who opens a monthly utility bill can attest to this. Renewable energy sources, such as[..]

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How Solar Panels Absorb and Store Energy

By Hannah Glenn | 13 July 2018

The sun’s energy is expressed in different ways, depending on what materials it interacts with.

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Free Home Energy Improvements from Los Angeles DWP

By Siena Hacker | 19 February 2018

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power will work with eligible customers to upgrade their home electricity and water efficiency for free. Does[..]

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Can Solar Panels be Recycled?

By Siena Hacker | 01 August 2017

Retired solar panels used to become e-waste in landfills - a remarkably ungreen end to an environmentally friendly life. In recent years, encouragement[..]

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3 Alternatives to Fossil Fuels

By Maria Carrillo | 05 April 2017

Currently, 85% of the world’s population is reliant on fossil fuels. While the fossil fuel industry is the leading contributor to climate change, it is[..]

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