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What to Expect from a Solar Contract

By Michael Olenick | 19 May 2017

You’ve decided to go solar. Now it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to pay the solar bill. Like buying a car, you can purchase the[..]

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Why You Need To Know Your PPW When You Go Solar

By Chris Blevins | 19 May 2017

Before even speaking with a solar company there are a few things you need to know in order to ask the right solar questions. Understanding the cost of[..]

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Driving on Sunshine: Comparing the Economics of Gas and Electric Vehicles

By Karan Shetty | 06 December 2016

Driving an electric car charged by solar panels on your roof sounds like the dream - you are now driving to work in a vehicle powered (at least in[..]

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Solar: A High-Yield, Low-Risk Financial Instrument for Your Investment Portfolio

By Mark Gusick | 01 December 2016

As the 2016 election cycle unfolds, political uncertainty is causing investors to reflect upon the real long-term threats to their own portfolios. It[..]

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Solar Speed Dating Arrives at CicLAvia

By Shawn Showkati | 01 March 2016

Pick My Solar and CicLAvia are at it again. This Sunday, March 6th, the Pick My Solar Team will be heating up at CicLAvia - The Valley. Ever heard of[..]

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California Net Metering 2.0 Update

By Gordon Algermissen | 27 January 2016

This afternoon, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) released an updated proposed decision on Net Energy Metering (NEM) 2.0. Here are the[..]

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Outrage over NV Energy "Bait and Switch"

By John Kennedy | 21 January 2016

NV Energy's newly implemented solar price increase has been met with disbelief and outrage. Just days ago, two NV Energy solar customers filed a[..]

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Salt River Project Rate Hikes Threaten Arizona Solar Viability

By John Kennedy | 20 January 2016

With scorching temperatures and nearly year-round sunshine, Arizona seems to be an ideal location to implement a rooftop PV system. However, with the[..]

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How to Choose A High Quality Solar Installer

By Sam Baker | 12 January 2016

Tip 1 - Ask Friends, Families, and Neighbors

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The Falling Price of Solar Power

By Sam Baker | 21 December 2015

In 1977, a solar panel system cost $76.77 a watt. Imagine that you want to install an average, 2,000 watt system for your home. If you’re in a sunny[..]

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