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SolarCoin, an Energy Cyptocoin with a Bright Future

By Kyle Graycar | 30 January 2018

Everyone can admit that 2017 was a wild year for cryptocurrencies. Sure, Bitcoin popularity skyrocketted, but so did many altcoins as well, such as[..]

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How to File the Federal Solar Tax Credit - A Step by Step Guide

By Hannah Glenn | 05 January 2018

Now that you have your very own solar system, the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is yours for the claiming. How exactly do you go about it?

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Home Solar Rebates in California - 2017 Update

By Hannah Glenn | 16 November 2017

Solar rebates save. They take the edge off the initial investment of going solar, which leads to even more savings on energy costs. In fact, more[..]

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Go Solar Now to Claim the Solar Investment Tax Credit in 2017

By Kyle Graycar | 19 October 2017

There’s no doubt that going solar is an incredible investment to make, and it’s never been easier than it is today. On top of the fact that it helps[..]

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Save Big by Going Solar in Washington State

By Kate Whitney | 21 August 2017

Washington State recently announced major changes to their solar incentive programs that will go into effect this October. While some incentives have[..]

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5 Reasons to Go Solar in Massachusetts

By Kate Whitney | 08 August 2017

Homeowners in Massachusetts can take advantage of some of the best prices and incentives when they go solar through the Mass Solar Connect Program.[..]

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Going Solar in Washington State is a No-Brainer

By Teddy Kahn | 27 July 2017

UPDATE: For our latest article on Washington incentives, please visit here.

Amidst newly announced incentive programs, solar in Washington is hot right[..]

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New York Solar Incentives are Running Out Soon

By Siena Hacker | 30 June 2017

Thanks to its progressive policies, New York ranked tenth in the country for cumulative solar installed last year. In 2016, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s[..]

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It's Time To Go Solar in Washington

By Jay Ibric | 10 April 2017

If you are a homeowner anywhere in Washington state, you are sitting on an untapped goldmine of opportunity. You’ll be happy to hear that Washington[..]

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The Full Breakdown of Residential Solar Rebates in California

By Michael Olenick | 10 February 2017

When thinking about solar, it is important to know that the price of solar has been decreasing year after year, making the idea of solar more and more[..]

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