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How Many Solar Panels Does It Take to Charge an Electric Car?

By Kyle Graycar | 11 May 2018

If you are an electric vehicle (EV) owner or are interested in becoming one, there is also a good chance that you will look into installing an EV[..]

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Everything You Need to Know About Solar Carports

By Sam Baker | 07 May 2018

The increasing adoption rate of solar technology has led to both surprising innovations as well as obvious and practical applications. One such[..]

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What's the size of a solar panel? Solar Panel Size and Weight Comparison in 2018

By Sam Baker | 02 April 2018

If you are thinking about installing a solar panel system at your home, one of the first things you must consider is how much physical space your[..]

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2018 Complete List of American Solar Panel Manufacturers

By Sam Baker | 19 March 2018

There are many reasons why a consumer may want to purchase their solar panels from an American manufacturer. They want to support domestic[..]

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What Is A Solar Panel Farm?

By Sam Baker | 23 February 2018

Each year, there are newer and more powerful solar technologies made available for individuals and consumers. These solar solutions are not just[..]

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How much Energy does a Solar Panel Produce?

By Sam Baker | 23 February 2018

One of the most important features of a solar panel is how much energy it can produce. Prospective solar panel owners usually have a goal for how much[..]

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SunPower Solar Panels vs. LG Solar Panels - 2018 Update

By Hannah Glenn | 13 February 2018

SunPower and LG are two of the top companies making solar panels. You’ve probably come across them in your research, and you’re wondering which will[..]

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The Craziest Solar Technologies Coming in 2018

By Sam Baker | 10 January 2018

Solar technology has been in existence since 1876, when William Grylls Adams and his student researcher discovered that you can produce electricity by[..]

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Solar Panel Costs: The Full Breakdown for Installing Home Solar

By Hannah Glenn | 09 January 2018

Here’s an exciting number. The cost for residential solar panel systems has dropped a remarkable 61 percent since 2010. That’s according to the[..]

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Top Portable Solar Panels for Under $200

By Sam Baker | 21 December 2017

As the fundamental technology behind solar improved, a number of new consumer devices started hitting the market. One such device was the portable[..]

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