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Space-Based Solar vs. Conventional Solar - How Are They Different?

By Isaac Ost | 18 July 2018

We all are familiar with residential and commercial solar panels. They can be found all around states like California, New York, Massachusetts, and[..]

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Key Things to Know About Solar Panel Efficiency for Home Solar

By Hannah Glenn | 17 July 2018

You may hear the term “efficiency” thrown around a lot when reading up on solar panels. It sure sounds like a good thing, but what exactly is solar[..]

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Summer Heat Waves Cause Blackouts in California - Here's How Batteries and Solar Can Help

By Isaac Ost | 13 July 2018

In the past week, record breaking heat waves have hit the majority of the US. In California, the temperature is skyrocketing leaving numerous cities[..]

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How Solar Panels Absorb and Store Energy

By Hannah Glenn | 13 July 2018

The sun’s energy is expressed in different ways, depending on what materials it interacts with.

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Perovskite and Silicon Solar Cell Efficiency Reaches 25.2%

By Siena Hacker | 12 July 2018

While around 90% of solar panels currently on the market are made out of silicon, adding a new material may soon make existing module design even more[..]

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How are solar panels manufactured?

By Hannah Glenn | 29 June 2018

You know solar panels as the futuristic-looking black or blue rectangles that soak up sunlight and bring down your energy bills. You might even get the[..]

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What is the Best Way to Clean Solar Panels?

By Hannah Glenn | 18 June 2018

Dirty panels? There are some instances where solar panels might need cleaning, but most of the evidence says solar panels are self-sufficient and[..]

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Can My Solar Panels Withstand a Hurricane?

By Isaac Ost | 07 June 2018

If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather like hurricanes, hail, thunderstorms, blizzards, heavy winds and more, then you should take the[..]

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Your Electric Bill After Going Solar

By Isaac Ost | 24 May 2018

After going solar, the first thing you will likely notice is the drastic decrease in your monthly electric bill. The significant savings on one’s[..]

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How Many Solar Panels Does It Take to Charge an Electric Car?

By Isaac Ost | 11 May 2018

If you are an electric vehicle (EV) owner or are interested in becoming one, there is also a good chance that you will look into installing an EV[..]

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