L.A. Watts Community Receives Grant for Environmental Projects

By Pick My Solar
06 February 2018

On January 29th, 2018, the Watts Rising Collaborative received word that they had been awarded grant from California's state Cap-and-Trading funding to bring environmental sustainability projects to the Watts neighborhood in Los Angeles.

The Watts Rising Collaborative applied for the California Transformative Climate Communities grant program, a part of the state's Strategic Growth Council to promote neighborhood revitalization. A loose network of affiliated organizations, the Watts Rising Collaborative is largely operated by the Watts Community Leadership Council (WCLC) of the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles. Members of this collaborative include grassroots organizations, non-profits, cleantech companies, city departments, and even the Los Angeles Unified School District. Pick My Solar, the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator, and fellow portfolio company Green Commuter are all providing support for this initiative.

Watts Rising Collaborative Logo.jpg

This grant will be an important step towards improving a vulnerable community that is at-risk from the affects of climate change. As temperatures rise from climate change and are amplified with the Urban Heat Island Effect, neighborhoods like Watts will need to invest significant capital to adapt to these new conditions. This includes cool roofing, increased green space, diverse transportation options, energy efficiency retrofits, and more.

Pick My Solar has joined as a member of the Watts Rising Collaborative. In partnership with Restore Neighborhoods Los Angeles, we will be providing our online marketplace and network of solar providers to facilitate the conversion of 300 Watts homes to solar energy, in coordination with other sustainable technology retrofits.

"Pick My Solar is honored to join the Watts Rising Collaborative for this crucial community environmental initiative," said Kyle Cherrick, Head of Business Development at Pick My Solar, "Solar energy will support cleaner air and more resilient neighborhoods for the Watts community."

Below is a map of the various upgrades and new projects proposed in the Watts Rising Collaborative grant application.

Watts Rising Collaborative Grant Map.jpg

For inquiries around Pick My Solar's participation in this initiative, contact press@pickmysolar.com.

👋 - We're Pick My Solar. Our mission is to empower communities to adopt sustainable technologies through transparency and choice. We've built an online platform where you can get competitive solar offers from top-notch providers.

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