Pick My Solar Team Member Highlight: Will Moskalik and What He Sees on the Solar Horizon

By Hannah Glenn
May 10, 2018
Team member highlight: WIll Moskalik

Will’s Position: Energy Advisor and Manager

Fun Facts: Will lives in Huntington Beach. He stays active by playing on a softball team and a flag football team. He has two dogs who like to show him off at the dog beach on the weekends.

Will says to someone who is thinking about going solar: “Going solar is what I call an ‘anyways decision.’ You have to pay for your electricity anyway, so you might as well choose a locked-in lower monthly payment that pays off an asset to your home at the same time. Your other option is to not go solar and continue paying more for a never-ending utility bill that can increase at any moment.”

The bottomline priority for Will is “ensuring all Pick My Solar customers are receiving a world-class service experience and that every customer has all questions answered to their satisfaction.”

He works closely with Pick My Solar’s operational team to collectively sync on marketplace developments and processes.

Who is Will Moskalik?

Will hails from Arizona. He moved his renewable energy career to California, exploring the growing market here. One of the highlights of his job is knowing he’s helping families pay less for cleaner electricity.

“I'd like to think they do fun things with those savings, like take vacations or put it toward college. They’re also making the biggest possible impact on their carbon footprint. Climate change is a real problem and our future generations will get the brunt of dealing with it. I like to think we are setting the foundation for future mass adoption.”

He sees himself as fortunate to work with “a solid core of folks who are extremely motivated to make a change and redefine professionalism in our industry along the way.”

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How Has Pick My Solar Helped Him Evolve?

Will feels privileged to see the inner workings of the industry's top-notch regional installers on the Pick My Solar platform. He’s also enjoyed learning and becoming an expert on watching the Northeast solar market blossom and mature.

“That market, in particular, is going through many of the same growing and scaling pains that California and Arizona did in 2010. It has definitely been a major benefit to be able to identify those growth areas and know how they’ll progress, and plan accordingly.”

What Motivates Will?

  • Knowing that at the end of the day, he does everything to the best of his ability
  • Looking forward to having a family of his own one day soon
  • His belief that the future health of the planet is directly tied to the rate of renewable adoption and a sustainable, distributed energy grid

“As humanity continues to evolve toward an electrically dominated lifestyle, what type of energy we use and where we get it from is getting increasingly more important each day.”

What Does Will Find Most Challenging About the Solar Industry?

In one sentence: “Shady sales tactics and ‘fly by night’ contractors.”

Will points out that without a neutral third-party platform like Pick My Solar, homeowners are dealing with installers’ in-house sales teams. They might not always be presenting products that are best for the homeowner, but rather focusing on what’s better for their company's margins or what makes investors happy.

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What Surprised Will Most About Working With Pick My Solar?

“How innovative this company is. We are without a doubt a tech company at heart. We really have adapted and changed over the last year to make going solar easier for homeowners. We aren't just thinking about how we can help homeowners go solar today. We truly are gearing up to be the starting point for a more cost-effective, sustainable home.

Most importantly, our company has done an incredible job sourcing motivated and brilliant contributors. We all motivate each other and there is a general understanding that we’re building something with significant potential, and it’s our collective hard work that will get it there.”

Hannah Glenn

Written By

Hannah Glenn

Hannah Glenn is a writer specializing in renewable energy and healthcare. When not 10 inches from a computer screen, Hannah loves hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains and reading National Geographic.

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