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Snow Harm Done! Solar in Cold Climates

By Siena Hacker | 11 January 2018

With the Cyclone Bomb bringing record low temperatures to the East Coast this month, many homeowners have had snow on the mind.

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The Craziest Solar Technologies Coming in 2018

By Sam Baker | 10 January 2018

Solar technology has been in existence since 1876, when William Grylls Adams and his student researcher discovered that you can produce electricity by[..]

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Solar Panel Costs: The Full Breakdown for Installing Home Solar

By Hannah Glenn | 09 January 2018

Here’s an exciting number. The cost for residential solar panel systems has dropped a remarkable 61 percent since 2010. That’s according to the[..]

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How to File the Federal Solar Tax Credit - A Step by Step Guide

By Hannah Glenn | 05 January 2018

Now that you have your very own solar system, the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is yours for the claiming. How exactly do you go about it?

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High Time for Solar? Marijuana Growers and the Solar Industry

By Siena Hacker | 04 January 2018

The US solar and marijuana industries have seen tremendous growth in recent years. Almost 30 states have legalized medical marijuana, while a few have[..]

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5 Common Roof Types for Solar Panels

By Kyle Graycar | 03 January 2018

After making the decision to install solar panels at your home, the next step is to determine the details of your specific solar array. Because solar[..]

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5 Home Improvement Tips for an Eco Home

By Hannah Glenn | 02 January 2018

Erase your visions of a sustainable home featuring twine countertops. No corn-husk flooring and  garden-mud grout here. Eco-chic home design is on the[..]

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3 Solar Panel Innovations to Look for in 2018

By Hannah Glenn | 28 December 2017

Solar energy is taking shape across industries and geographies. Engineers at top solar panel companies are hard at work developing innovations making[..]

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Why Your Solar Provider Needs to be NABCEP Certified

By Siena Hacker | 27 December 2017

After picking the best solar equipment and design for your home, it’s time to pick the right installer. A good installer will make installation a breeze

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6 of the Most Common Solar FAQs

By Sam Baker | 26 December 2017

Solar is now more affordable and practical for the consumer than ever before, and because of this, it is starting to make sense to think about having[..]

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