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Can I Use Solar Panels Without A Battery?

By Hannah Glenn | 16 August 2018

With all the solar battery buzz, you might be wondering if they’re essential solar equipment. Can you even use solar panels on your home without a[..]

SmartFlower Solar: The Comprehensive Review

By Isaac Ost | 16 August 2018

SmartFlower Solar produces unique, ground-mounted solar panel systems that include a sun tracker and a number of other high-tech features. This ‘smart’[..]

Does Solar Panel Temperature Coefficient Matter?

By Isaac Ost | 16 August 2018

If you are trying to maximize the amount of energy that your solar panel system can generate, then your solar panel’s temperature coefficient is something[..]

Pick My Solar Joins LA Mayor Eric Garcetti and LA Cleantech Incubator on International Trade Mission

By Kyle Graycar | 10 August 2018

As part of Los Angeles' mission to construct a new, green economy, Pick My Solar Co-Founders Max Aram and Chris Blevins joined Mayor Eric Garcetti and the

The Pros and Cons of PACE Solar Financing

By Hannah Glenn | 10 August 2018

You may have heard both good and bad things about PACE financing. Solar financing can be a good fit for some people, but not everyone. Here’s a deep dive[..]

Team Member Highlight: Madeline Merritt on Solar Transparency

By Hannah Glenn | 01 August 2018

Madeline’s Position: Energy Advisor

Fun Facts: Madeline is "a bit of a policy wonk.” You might catch her at city hall advocating for the environment on[..]

Renewable Energy May Soon be Cheaper Than Existing Fossil Fuel Plants

By Siena Hacker | 01 August 2018

While 2018's solar tariffs have increased the prices of some international modules, the solar industry continues to rapidly expand. The price of solar has[..]

Solar Spam Marketing and How it Harms the Industry

By Isaac Ost | 30 July 2018

One of the most annoying parts of being an active consumer in our society is being flooded with spam communications. Once you signal to the digital world[..]

The Latest Update in Flexible Solar Cells for Your Smart Devices

By Isaac Ost | 30 July 2018

As solar increases in popularity across the world, more investments are being funneled into the development of solar cell technology.

The goal is to[..]

Do Solar Panels Work Less Efficiently at Certain Temperatures?

By Hannah Glenn | 25 July 2018

It’s easy to confuse heat energy and light energy since we often experience them in tandem. But when it comes to solar panels, there is a big difference[..]

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