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2018's Top Solar Monitoring Systems

By Hannah Glenn | 14 March 2018

Household solar monitoring systems change the abstracts of power generation and consumption into graphics and numbers you can scroll through on an app.[..]

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The Three Steps to Going Solar in San Francisco

By Hannah Glenn | 13 March 2018

If you live in San Francisco, you’ve no doubt seen the blossoming solar network around you. The process of switching to solar energy might seem[..]

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Your Life Once You Go Solar

By Sam Baker | 10 March 2018

If you landed on this post, then you probably have some interest in going solar. Maybe you have already installed a solar panel system and want to get[..]

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A Guide to Solar Panel Mounts

By Sam Baker | 09 March 2018

Solar panel mounts are a common component of almost every solar panel array. Although there are newer solar panel technologies coming out that do not[..]

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All You Need To Know About Solar Home PACE Financing

By Sam Baker | 08 March 2018

As the cost of solar goes down year by year, more people are finding that a home solar panel system may be the right decision for them. According to[..]

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SoCal Edison's $10,000 BMW i3 Incentive

By Sam Baker | 07 March 2018

In February 2011, BMW introduced their new sub-brand, BMW i. This sub-brand’s purpose was to focus on marketing and selling a new line of plug-in[..]

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Top 3 Solar Inverters Selected Through Pick My Solar in 2017

By Hannah Glenn | 05 March 2018

Solar panels are a fairly familiar concept, but inverters are a little more foreign. They are the second most important element in a rooftop solar[..]

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How Green are Home Batteries? The Environmental Impact of Lithium-Ion

By Siena Hacker | 03 March 2018

Lithium-ion batteries are found in many modern electronics, including, perhaps most importantly from an environmental standpoint, electric vehicles and[..]

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Top 5 Solar Panels Selected Through Pick My Solar in 2017

By Hannah Glenn | 02 March 2018

Curious which solar panels are selected most on the Pick My Solar platform? As an online marketplace connecting quality solar companies to customers,[..]

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How Getting A Home Battery Affects Your Federal Solar Incentive Tax Credit

By Sam Baker | 01 March 2018

One of the biggest incentives in the solar industry is the residential renewable energy investment tax credit (ITC). This tax credit allows a taxpayer[..]

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