2018's Best Home Solar Mounting Systems

By Hannah Glenn
01 February 2018
Solar Mounting Systems 2018 Explanation

Solar panels and backup batteries get all the attention. But there’s another important piece of equipment to the home solar equation: mounting systems.

These sturdy little structures hold it all together. There are different options available depending on your roof type.

Some secure your solar panels to the roof, or elsewhere on your property if you don’t have the roof space. Did you know some specialized mounting systems can even maximize your system’s production?

Here are some of the best solar mounting systems for home solar.

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Classic Roof-Penetrating Solar Racking

Rooftop-penetrating racking systems have been used since the dawn of solar power.

Solar installers drill holes and secure the racking system in place on your rooftop. This is done carefully and sealed well to prevent leaks. Most solar installers (and the ones you want to work with) include leakage warranties to ensure against issues.

Some of the top companies offering penetrating solar mounting systems for traditional composite or asphalt rooftops are IronRidge and Unirac.

If you're concerned about the aesthetics of your solar panel mounting, SMASHsolar’s direct attach racking avoids the grounding and framing altogether. With no rails or rafters, these minimally designed components negate concerns some homeowners have about the "clunky" look to solar arrays. Not only that, but these components can be installed twice as fast. They practically snap into place.

SMASHsolar mounting system

SMASHsolar's rail-less mounting system blends perfectly with your rooftop.

Specialized Solar Mounting Systems

If your home has a more unique rooftop, like Spanish or clay tiles, or a metal roof, penetrating solar might not be a good idea. Tiles can break, and metal rooftops with seams are better fitted with clamps, rather than drilling into the roof.

Quickmount PV has a great solution for both of these rooftops. Metal mounts in the shape of the tiles create a solid base for the racking system. These metal tiles only replace specific sections needed for the mounting system, so you keep your beautiful roof.

SnapNRack offers a great standing seam metal roof mounting system that doesn’t require any drilling. Clamps easily allow installers to mount the system onto the metal rooftop.

Solar Ground Mounts with Tracking

Some homeowners opt for solar panels mounted on the ground or at the top of a post on their property. These are great options if there’s not much roof space.

Another advantage is the possibility of getting a solar panel racking system that can tilt as needed to follow the sun. This can improve how much power you get from your panels, as they’re always in the optimal position.

AllEarthRenewables offers such a solar tracking system for residential customers.

Figuring Solar Mounting Into Your Project Plan

Not sure which mounting system would be best for you? No need to try and figure it out all on your own. Our solar advisors can help you determine what makes the most sense for your rooftop. Get started here.

View our 2018 Solar Starter Guide

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