Going Solar in San Diego Gas and Electric Territory

By Hannah Glenn
12 February 2018
San Diego Gas and Electric Solar

Did you know that 30 percent of San Diego’s power comes from renewable sources? Contributing to that growing number is easier than ever. Switching to solar with San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) is easy and relatively quick.

Here’s a quick overview of going solar with SDG&E...

1. Take SDG&E’s Home Energy Survey

Before you start looking into what size rooftop solar system you might need, SDG&E recommends you assess your energy use.

You can do this by logging into My Account (sdge.com/myaccount), clicking on the “My Energy” tab, then clicking on “My Energy Survey”.

This helps you see how much energy you’re using and ways to reduce it. This step sets you up to save money by:

  • Optimizing your energy consumption
  • Ensuring you invest in the right number of solar panels for your needs

2. Use the Solar Calculator for Potential Costs and Savings

To do this, log in to My Account (sdge.com/myaccount), click on the My Energy Tab, then click on “Saving with Solar Energy”.

SDG&E solar also wants to make sure you take advantage of the incentives available to you. Here’s a list of solar rebates and incentives to review as you start your research.

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3. Find a Solar Contractor in San Diego

Once you have some idea of what you’re looking for, it’s time to find your solar contractor. Even if some of the details of the system you’ll need are fuzzy here, you’ll do some collaborating with your contractor. But you’ve laid a solid foundation for a successful project so far.

When you talk to contractors and installers, SDG&E notes that it’s important to ask about warranty options and maintenance plans. The different financing options available to you are important, too.

The Best Solar Contractor for Your San Diego Home

SDG&E recommends getting at least three quotes from contractors. They also say to look for referrals from past clients. Pick My Solar specializes in exactly this.

We connect vetted contractors with people looking for a quality solar installation. With quotes from several contractors and the experiences of their clients laid out for you, it’s much easier to find a contractor you can trust.

Once you’ve decided you’d like to go solar in San Diego, SDG&E makes it easy. You submit a simple online application and wait for approval. The average approval time to move forward with installation is about one week.

For more information on moving to solar power in San Diego, here’s SDG&E’s solar overview.

To find out more about Pick My Solar’s process, check out how we’ve dramatically simplified solar.

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👋 - We're Pick My Solar. Our mission is to empower communities to adopt sustainable technologies through transparency and choice. We've built an online platform where you can get competitive solar offers from top-notch providers.

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